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Thursday, June 5, 2014

I have no food to show you. I'm sorry, but I don't.
I realize this is in fact a food blog and with that comes certain expectations. One of which is food. Somewhere. Here on the webpage.
I'm still sorry.
But although I have no recipes or pictures of delicious dishes, I do have cool stuff to talk about.
Here we go people, the blog is CHANGING!
Whoo hoo! Everyone loves a blog revamp. It's like spring cleaning but without all the physical lugging of things and dusting and actual, you know, cleaning.
So I have a bajillion and one ideas for what I want to do here.
-Change my focus from cupcakes to interesting global cuisine.
-Include more cooking not just baking.
-More bloggy posts that aren't just food related, but life related.
-New layout
-Regular posts (eventually, I hope)
Anyway...There is no deadline for these things. It will be a work in progress, but I thought those two people who occasionally think about reading this little thing should know. ;)
Signing off,