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A young and slightly ignorant woman who has always loved baking and cooking, I want to make people happy with food as often as I can. I'm here to whisk away and explore!

About Me

I'm Candice, a 23 year old girl woman trying her best to live joyfully and completely out here on the rainy Pacific Northwest coast.

I wish I was a lovely person. 
People are wonderful things and they merit fascination. 
I have a dream of owning a bakery and making people happy with food, but I also dream of teaching children. 
Obviously, I am an indecisive person. 
I'm completely undignified and sometimes rude, yet I have a longing for the lost idea of elegance to invade my person. 
Sarcasm is my native tongue, which is unfortunate since it makes me seem snarky sometimes. 
I never go a day without messing up. 
I ponder the future and how scary but wonderful it could be. 
I wonder the past and how I got through it and learned to live. 
My Jesus is my everything and He never fails me. 
I don't like to wear my hair in a ponytail. 
People should listen to children more often because they have that wisdom that comes from seeing things as little humans. 
I am a hopeless romantic in an old fashioned sort of way. 
I wish I could taste what rain after a dry hot summer smells like. 
I want to be someone that inspires.
I have a favorite food for every season. 
Strawberries are my favorite summer food. 
I collect cookbooks and when stressed I write out recipes to clear my head. 
I have lived through a lot of heartbreak and it can be frustrating when you try to be my friend, I'm sorry. 
I have a fascination with Old Testament Bible stories. 
And cupcakes. 
And sad movies.

And strands of pearls.

But I also like to goof off and have a good time too, you know!

Favorite Ways to Waste Time!
- praying - making pretty things and doing artsy stuff - drawing - painting - laughing - baking ALL the time (duh) - dreaming - acting - blogging - journaling - wrapping presents - writing letters - nannying - reading - hiking - going on road trips - skype dates ;) - teaching - dance parties in my kitchen -

Favorite Things!
- books - pillows - flowers - art - tea - windows - church -  mountains - trees - sunsets - birthday parties - picnics - hats - wooden spoons - pearls - cupcakes - big fluffy dogs - kitchens - weddings - lemons - china cups - wooden bridges - fireplaces -

Favorite People!
This one, because he has my heart and takes good care of it.

This one, because he has my laugh and gives great hugs.

This one, because she knows my worst and my best.

This one, because he gave me my nose and loads of wisdom, both of which I am ever thankful for.

And this one, because I was a part of her from the beginning, and always will be til the end.

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  1. Wonderful post. I feel as though we think very similarly. I am a little bit younger than you (16), but I too am very indecisive and hope to be a lovely person one day. Thanks so much for sharing with us! Erica